Got the need for speed, but don't know which one? We're going to help break down the difference between single-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed cruisers. 

Single Speed

Sometimes there's nothing wrong with simplicity, and a single-speed cruiser proves just that. These ultra-reliable bikes require no moving parts, with only the pedals to create the speed for this cruiser. If you're a leisurely rider, this is the speed for you. 


Are you attracted to a clean and minimalistic look?

The 3-speed is just your guy. These bikes conveniently tuck away their gears and shifting mechanisms for a more elegant design. They also don't require a derailleur which means you can mount a chain guard and keep your drivetrain non-exposed from anything harmful. Thankfully for your budget, these reliable bikes are relatively low in need of repairs. If you're a city rider, the 3-speed cruiser will be the best bet for you. With flat terrain, you won't need to shift more than three gears.  


If you're not afraid of a challenge and prepared to travel the beaten path, the 7-speed is just for you. Thanks to the increased range, you can tackle rougher terrains and climb hills easier. Not only will you have the same options as the 3-speed, but you will also gain the advantage of a few extra gears. Due to the lower and higher gears, you will enjoy a smoother ride and easier pedal rotation. The lower gears will be perfect for those calm, Sunday rides, while the higher gears are everything you need for that final push up a challenging hill.

If you'd like to learn even more about our different speeds, we've got even more details available on our Learn the Speed Differences page!